Anti-Gravity Phone Case
Anti-Gravity Phone Case
Anti-Gravity Phone Case
Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Anti-Gravity Phone Case

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 One phone case, endless possibilities.

The Slickprotect anti-gravity phone case is made with super suction technology which allows you to stick your phone to most smooth surfaces. Giving you the freedom to create and explore completely hands-free

 Our Anti-gravity cases come with a Dust Cover which protects the adsorption part of your device to allow you to enjoy your phone for longer by preserving the stickiness (Anti-gravity effect) :). With this feature, your case also acts as a normal case whenever you want until you’re ready to stick it on something



What happens when your case still gets dirty? It becomes less sticky and effective, but we have a straightforward solution to this problem. 


The Slickprotect Case is perfect for:

  • Hands-free selfies!
  • Recording yourself at the gym
  • Putting makeup on while you watch a how-to video
  • Hands-free GPS
  • Watching Netflix on the go
  • The possibilities are endless!

Slickprotect is far from a regular phone case!

Our case firmly protects your phone from drops and scratches, easy access to all ports and buttons like every other traditional case except its cool design and awesome anti-gravity feature.

Slickprotect anti-gravity phone case is going crazy online and is trusted by over 50k influencers and about 300k satisfied customers in 75 countries. 

experience anti-gravity life with no limit.

 NBwatch assemble video before using the product!

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