Personalised FAM Phone Case
Personalised FAM Phone Case

Personalised FAM Phone Case

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Give your phone case a well deserved personalised makeover while protecting it with style at the same time.

Our BFF phone cases are slick and feel amazing in your hands. 

All buttons and openings are precise and built perfectly to fit both Samsung or iPhones. The slim fit design, as well as the grip along the sides of the case, makes holding your phone easy and comfortable.

No-one likes bulky cases and that's why our cases are thin enough to bring out the unique style and body of your phone but just thick enough to protect your phone from an accidental impact/fall. 

You really can have it all. 

A stunning looking case partially designed you.

Add your name, text, date or something special to you.

Add a cute photo of you and your BFF, Fam, Pet etc.

Protect your phone which you love so much, yes the one you are using to read this right now. 

To get started Simply

1) pick your phone model 

2) Pick the unique style you want 

3) Add a meaningful picture

4) Add your preferred initials or name (Text)


PS. These cases don't stick on flat surfaces, to shop the Slickprotect Anti-gravity phone case click the search bar and type "Anti" Enter. Please note this phone case does not support wireless charging or any NFC function.